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Flight hours

* Data collected since January 1, 2016

Vigilancia · Vuelos · Fumigación

Monitoring the work performed by visual observation of the preset area, communication with the central and other air assets, management of cameras and broadcasting of images, as well as coordination with other local media.

Avialsa T-35 has developed a protocol of monitoring routes that activate the days of highest risk of fires.

The main objectives are:

  • Detect at an early stage small fires.
  • Attack the fire quickly, avoiding expanding. More info

Our company has the most qualified group of instructors in Europe, with theoric and flight training, with all the qualifications and certificates for aircraft crew for AIR TRACTOR aircraft in any of its variations.

AVIALSA ATO is certified by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) as Approved Training Organization with certification number E-ATO-245.

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We have a flight simulator A-12 unique in Europe for aviation training.

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since 1965


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