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AVIALSA T-35, due to its main activities, must to maintain ethical and harmonious relationship with the environment.

In addition to the activity of fire fighting, prevention and monitoring of forest fires, the Company develops the activity of aerial and agricultural treatments. This second activity necessary and vital for agriculture side can interact with the environment and needs, just as in the fire, maintain an attitude of minimizing the interaction with the environment.

For that reason, AVIALSA T-35, has worked voluntarily to comply with ISO 14001: 2004 and EMAS, and establishes commitments that should lead to continuous improvement in the relationship between our activities and the environment.

Our commitment is to carry out our activities under the following principles, we intend to make them available to our employees and persons or bodies who are interested in them.


Commitment to continuous improvement of our effectiveness in fighting fires and preventing pollution of the environment involves:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement to minimize the adverse effects of fumigation on the environment, including pollution prevention.
  • Commitment to comply with environmental legislation and other requirements applicable to the subject company.
  • The Company agrees to enter into your purchasing policy of the environmental component planes as evaluation criteria, paying particular attention to noise and emissions.
  • Introduction of improved procedures to reduce our waste, reduce the impact of noise and as much as possible reduce emissions from aircraft.
  • Perform a thorough assessment of environmental aspects, although these may seem small, and establish a program for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to minimize the environmental impacts associated with these issues at least, technically and economically viable, thus acquiring organization with a commitment to pollution prevention.

In applying the principles outlined in this policy, will develop action plans to improve documented, continuously, the extent of our environmental performance. These action plans will establish and review objectives and targets of the company

Evaluating the effectiveness of such plans and their implementation will be supported by periodic audits and review by the direction of our environmental performance and audit those reports.

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