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Forest Fire Suppression

Once detected the source of fire, notifying headquarters and received the order to attack the fire, there will be a mixture of empumantes appropriate to the type of fuel and will be scheduled later in the computer downloads the plane.

For performance, the airplane’s configuration must allow:

Aviones para extinción de incendios

  • Transporting a minimum of water during the patrol
  • Having a tank foam to be injected in flight just before discharge
  • Equip a sluice gate system
  • All necessary requirements in an aircraft for fire fighting (power, handling, structural strength, etc …)

Surveillance routes

The airplane configuration should allow host, in addition to the pilot, a second crew member to perform the following tasks:

  • Visual observation of the preset area.
  • Communications with the center and other air assets.
  • Management and emission imaging cameras.
  • Local coordination with other resources.

Suitable routes, of which examples are given below, which allow over the areas defined above with potential fire hazard depending be drawn:

  • Conditions and / or weather forecasts.
  • Social Events in risk areas.
  • Forecast intentionality.
  • Any other circumstance that advises the control of certain forest areas.

With all this, it aims to achieve:

  • Detect fire.
  • Notify the Central:
    • Fire location (GPS coordinates).
    • Current state and development.
    • Needs assessment.
    • Investigating possible causes of the onset of fire.
    • Possibility of danger in surrounding residential areas.
  • Deter potential arsonists …

The availability of these aircraft will be permanent, giving the crews of mobile phone equipment (TMA), which allow activation 24 hours a day.


AVIALSA T-35, S.L. It has an extensive fleet of aircraft owned, of different models to meet the different needs of operation, complemented with the corresponding support ground equipment, fixed and mobile. To cover maintenance of aircraft, apart from the own means of the Company, has the Maintenance Center provided technical, useful documentation, tools and equipment needed to support its fleet immediately, as well as about 60 aircraft of other owners who regularly perform maintenance on the Centre, which is located in Valencia Airport.

  • Light heavyweight cargo planes land (ASCT) – Air Tractor AT-802 (see profile)
  • Amphibian aircraft (ASA) – Air Tractor AT-802 Fireboss (see profile)
  • Agricultural aircraft – Air Tractor AT-401
  • Aircraft – CESSNA (see profile)
  • Aircraft – PIPER (see profile)

In addition, T-35 AVIALSA, S.L. It has a lot of aids to air quality that guarantee the work performed means.

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