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The surveillance tasks are performed by visual observation of the preset area, communication with central air and other media, managing the broadcast cameras and images, as well as coordination with other local media.

Avialsa T-35 has developed a monitoring protocol routes which are activated on most at risk of fire.

The main objectives are:

  • Detect attempts at an early stage of fire.
  • Strike quickly, preventing the spread and be more complicated to control and suppression.
vigilancia incendios

Thanks to the air route surveillance, aircraft can patrol large areas in a short time managing to detect plumes of smoke over long distances. Once detected a possible fire, the aircraft set course for the focus to see why. In the event that a wildfire is proceed to notify the emergency control center and launch a first attack of water or retardant on what is very effective.

These routes are predetermined in advance, to monitor the areas of greatest environmental interest, variables can incorporate factors that make the roads were better adapted to the circumstances of each day, achieving a more effective early fire detection.

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