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Prevention is one of the most important in the fight against forest fires, every year the government invested a large amount of economical and human resources a to prevent the emergence and spread of fires in our forests.

prevencion incendios forestales

All agencies involved in fire fighting, have in mind that prevention is a key factor. Education in schools, summer campaigns that remain us that during the summer exist a high fire risk, etc. all these aspect helps to avoid forest fires.

Daily have been evaluating several factors for fire prevention:

  • Natural:

These are factors that are given by the geographical environment of the area, although they are predictable, but uncontrollable. Are studied every day because they have a known effect. Some of these factors are: weather, humidity, temperature, storms, wind direction and intensity, clearing forests, etc.

  • Human:

These factors are characterized by controllable and may be predictable or not. Acts like throwing cigarette butts out of the car window, are a risk for the vegetation can be avoided with greater awareness and citizenship education. Also people concentrations during holidays days, travel, etc … These acts involve raising the risk of fire where they occur. Other factors are the most unfortunate man-made fires can get out or be malicious, causing great damage to the environment.

After analyzing all these factors, the level of risk is determined on diferent areas. When the alert level is elevated AT-802 aircraft scheduled flights patrols, full loaded with retardant or water in order to do prevention tasks and have a quick response to any incipient fire in orther to extinguish it.

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