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Health and Safety

One of the most important aspect in our company is to Achieve a high level of safety and health at work. This goal, will be achieved by complying with the legislation on the subject and an integrated implementation of continuous improvement of work actions, which lead us to achieve an high quality of working life.

The responsibility for implementing the prevention of occupational risk prevention rests with everyone in the company. It is therefore attributed the obligation and takes calls at all levels, the commitment to include prevention in any activity being performed and in all decisions they take.

AVIALSA T-35, SL has been assessed and certified OHSAS 18001:2007, voluntarily opt to comply with this face to demonstrate to other stakeholders, by following the procedures and requirements of the latter, their commitment to incorporate the management of the company component of health and safety.

This company policy also includes the active participation of all workers under the terms of the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks, in all matters related to safety and health at work.

The Directorate of AVIALSA-T35 is committed to a policy of health and safety which is based on the following principles:

1 .- The company is committed to complying with current legislation on Prevention and Safety.

2 .- Integrating prevention policy in the company, is a permanent goal and priority in order to improve working conditions, aimed at obtaining the appropriate level of protection of workers and prevent damage and reduce absenteeism work.

3 .- Integrating Occupational Health and Safety is the task and responsibility of each and every one of us who work in the company, so management, middle management and operators follow the procedures and guidelines established and mainly provide all possible improvements through its Prevention Delegates, to get their jobs are becoming more secure.

4 .- The Directorate will take this policy and support it with the means at its disposal the necessary actions to communicate and disseminate to all staff and their enforcement, by ensuring that the work safely.

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