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AT-802 Fire Boss (Two seat cockpit) Airplane

Aircraft similar to the AT-802 Fire Boss incorporating cabin for pilot and copilot / instructor and dual controls.

Air Tractor 802 Fire Boss Bicabina



Approximate Performance with spraying equipment installed

Engine: P&W PT6A-67F Cruising speed: 336 km/h (221 mph)
Hourse power: 1700 SHP Working speed: 193-201 km/h (120-125 mph)
Helix: Hartzell HC-B5MA-3D/ M11276NS Requested speed flaps up: 169 km/h (105 mph) at 7.257 kg (16,000 lbs)
Maximum Take Off Weight: 16,000 lbs. (7257 kg) Requested speed flaps down: 146 km/h (91 mph) at 7.257 kg (16,000 lbs)
Maximum landing weight: 16,000 lbs. (7257 kg) Landing speed: 111 km/h (69 mph)
Dry weight: 7,210 lbs. (3270 kg) Rate of climb: 259 mpm (850 fpm) at 7.257 kg (16,000 lbs)
Payload: 8,790 lbs. (3987 kg) Takeoff speed: 610 m (2,000 ft) at 7.257 kg (16,000 lbs)
Tank capacity: 820 U.S. gal. (3104 L) Reach economical speed: 1.287 km (800 mi)
Fuel Capacity: 1.438 L (389 U.S. gal)
Wingspan: 59.2 ft. (18,04 m)
Wing Surface: 401 sq. ft. (37,29 m2)
Main Wheel Size: 32.0 in. (81,28 cm)
Tail Wheel Size: 6.25 x 6


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